On Monday, October 9, at 6:00 p.m. EST I am hosting a big live event to interview the founder of the company who created the Poynt terminal.  If you missed the previous video when I did the unboxing of the Poynt terminal, you should definitely see that to learn more about the functionality of it.  The Poynt terminal has a very small footprint; I can hold it in my hand.

Today let’s discuss how to open your pitch with the Poynt terminal.  I’m a big believer in show and tell.  The Poynt terminal is the ultimate show and tell item for a merchant.  Believe me, every merchant will want to know what on earth you have in your hand since they’ve never seen anything quite like it.  The terminal looks like a tablet or very large phone if seen from one angle.  At another angle it could look like the front of a register.  I suggest you have a demo model if you are going to offer the Poynt terminal to merchants.  There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is way better than a picture!

Although I haven’t been out in the field to sell this terminal yet, I’m excited about it and will be putting content out soon about my experiences selling in the field.  I suggest you carry the Poynt terminal in your left hand as you walk into the business.  Shake hands and introduce yourself with something similar to this, “Hi, my name is James Shepherd.  I just wanted to stop by real quick on my way to another appointment.  Have you guys seen this new smart terminal?”  While saying this, place the terminal on the counter or hand it to the merchant.  The merchant will probably say, “No, I haven’t seen that before!”  And he/she may comment about it.  Then you can respond, “I’ve got a couple minutes before my next appointment.  Let me tell you what this does and why it is unique.”  Mentioning the next appointment makes the merchant feel I am doing a favor by staying longer.

At that point, I would jump right in and ask a few questions.  If the merchant is looking at the Poynt terminal and exploring it, he/she is going to be interested enough to give you a little information.  You say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get your first name?” [response] “ Susan, since I have a couple minutes, do you mind if I ask who you are currently using for credit card processing?” [response]  “I see your terminal is an older one without the smart functionality.  Are you renting, leasing, or getting one of these ‘free deals’?”

For those on our sales team, we are preparing a nice presentation booklet to use with the Poynt terminal.  You can showcase that to merchants soon.  I will discuss what to do after the opening pitch in the next video and article.  Bringing a demo of the Poynt terminal to merchants will bring amazing response compared to the normal interaction in the field without showing them something very unique.

My name is James Shepherd.  I’m looking forward to the next article.

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