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3 Predictions for 2017 are Coming True

Listen to the podcast.  SoundCloud Watch the video.                                                                 About two months ago a made 4 predictions for 2017 that would impact the merchant services industry and today I want to provide an update on 3 of them... read more

My New Opening Pitch / Script – 80% Interest

Listen to the podcast:  Soundcloud Watch the video. I stumbled on a new opening pitch that is working very, very well and I am excited to share it with you today!  First, let me give you a little background on how and why I created this... read more

How to Read a Quickbooks Merchant Statement

Watch the Video on YouTube. Today I decided to share a video from our advanced statement training course at  It is vital that you understand statements from your competitors and Quickbooks is a major competitor in the merchant services... read more

3 Steps to Growing Your Merchant Services Portfolio

Listen to the podcast episode.  Soundcloud. The merchant services industry lacks structure and it can be a little tough to identify the right action steps to get from 0 to 30 accounts or from 30 to 100 accounts.  In today’s episode I discuss the 3 steps you must take... read more

Live Event: How to Rent a Website to Your Clients

CLICK HERE to Register Listen to the podcast episode.  Soundcloud I have had a project in the works now for several years and I am very excited to roll it out one week from today.  I strongly believe that renting a website to your small business clients can accomplish... read more
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