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My Secret Self-Awareness Weapon

  Self-awareness is vital to success and accomplishment.  Until you have self-awareness, you can’t improve yourself at all.  We all know people who think they are something they’re not; who talk a big game but don’t produce any results; who think they are good at... read more

2 Reasons Sales People Don’t Make Money

  I am very surprised and disappointed when I learn that many sales people are not making much money!  If sales people were ranked based on professionalism, sales talent, networking ability, etc., I am amazed that those ranking an 8 or 9 on the scale of 1 to 10... read more

How to Negotiate Like a Pro in Sales

  Often the terms “sales” and “negotiation” are used interchangeably. However, these are two very different actions. At the beginning of the sales process, sales ability is used to grab the attention of prospects. And at the end of the process when closing the... read more

How to Sell Cash Discounting

  Please read the article and/or watch the video posted yesterday which answers the question, “What is Cash Discounting?” After understanding what it is, let’s discuss why and how you should sell cash discounting. Cash discounting gives a lot more profit... read more

What is Cash Discounting?

     I’m sure everyone in the merchant services industry has heard of cash discounting.  But we need to answer the question, “What IS Cash Discounting?”  If you are a business owner who has found my channel, understand that I produce content for people in the merchant... read more

3 Reasons Most Sales Managers Fail

   Why do most sales managers fail?  By “fail” I mean that rather than extracting the full potential of his/her team, the manager actually hurts the performance.  Unfortunately, failing seems to be the rule rather than the exception where sales managers are... read more
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