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3 Steps to Growing Your Merchant Services Portfolio

Listen to the podcast episode.  Soundcloud. The merchant services industry lacks structure and it can be a little tough to identify the right action steps to get from 0 to 30 accounts or from 30 to 100 accounts.  In today’s episode I discuss the 3 steps you must take... read more

Live Event: How to Rent a Website to Your Clients

CLICK HERE to Register Listen to the podcast episode.  Soundcloud I have had a project in the works now for several years and I am very excited to roll it out one week from today.  I strongly believe that renting a website to your small business clients can accomplish... read more

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Partner

Listen to the Podcast episode.  Soundcloud. In today’s podcast episode, I want to share the most important lesson I learned from 2016.  I learned that every entrepreneur (even me!..) needs a business partner.  Here are 5 reasons you need a business partner and 3... read more

Emotions Before Logic in Sales

CLICK HERE to Listen on SoundCloud Top sales people have learned a simple lesson about sales. Every prospect starts out planning to say “No” and expecting you to present a logical value proposition. So, if you go in with a logical value proposition, the prospect will... read more

How to Grab Your Prospect’s Attention

CLICK HERE to Listen on SoundCloud The sales process has changed a lot over the past decade.  With unlimited access to information online, your prospects have much higher expectations if you want to grab and hold their attention for your sales... read more

3 Ways You Can Deal with Objections

Listen to the podcast episode.  SoundCloud Today I want to share 3 simple but important tips about overcoming objections.  If you are in sales, you deal with objections every day.  I have found that most sales reps either react aggressively by arguing with the... read more
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