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CCSalesPro Show Episode 1

  Tune in to CCSalespro’s New Audio Podcast as James shares some of his tips to handling objections, winning the trust of business owners and different strategies to get your foot in the door, and much more with real Sales Reps who are out in the field making... read more

Should I Lead with Merchant Services? – Part 5

  The question I am asked more than any other right now is, “Should I lead with merchant services?”  In other words, about what should you talk when you go into or call a business for the first time? Before discussing details on this, you should understand that... read more

What to Expect as a Merchant Services Rep – Part 4

  What should you expect when selling merchant services?  What’s it like to be a merchant services sales rep?  Following are some things you can expect. Read the previous blog post.  How to Make Money Selling Merchant Services – Part 3: read more
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